How Does A CCTV Home Security Camera Work?


A PTZ camera has 4 main elements, the camera, lens, monitor, and video recorder. The camera is the most important component. The camera records everything that does and does not happen. A PTZ camera works in similar fashion to a regular camera. The main difference is that the CCTV camera can function on its own.

The images recorded are dependent on the type of lens used. If you want a lens that can zoom in and out quickly and capture every detail, you need a lens that can do that.

How Does the CCTV Home Security Camera Work?

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television. A PTZ camera is a camera that has the pan tilt zoom feature. You can use two or more cameras to get the job done. They work in much the same way as an ordinary camera does, the only difference is you do not have to hold the camera’s hand. You can go about your day and let the camera do its job. They come with monitors that help them function on their own. You can transmit the images using a wireless network. The images get sent to the monitor and then the video recorder.

FAQ’s Regarding the CCTV Home Security Camera and How They Work

1) How do they get power? You need to run one cable from the DVR to each camera you use. You connect the video cable to the DVR, it will say BNR. You then plug the cable into the power supply. You will need an RG59 Siamese Cable.

2) Will it come with audio? Yes, but there are two types of cameras. You can choose from the Analog CCTV Camera or the IP CCTV Camera. They will record the sound in different manners. I suggest you do some research on each one. Each camera has a specific goal. You need to match the camera’s goal with your goal.

3) Can I get the CCTV on my mobile device? Yes, you can. The first step is to connect your DVR to the monitor. You can use either an HDMI cable or a VG cable. Configure your CCTV DVR settings. You now want to configure the setting for your WIFI router with your DVR. You need to use a LAN cable to connect the DVR to the WIFI. You are now ready to check your settings. If everything was done properly, then everything should be working on your mobile device.

4) What are the types of cameras I can use?

a) You can use the Frames Per Second. Frames Per Second is the number of full frames your camera sends to your recording device every second. Most systems can capture up to 30 full frames per second. However, most people need only 1-6 frames to do the job.

b) The Pan Tilt Zoom gives a person more control. They can scan in the areas that want using a controller. You can move up, down, right, and left. You can also zoom in and out for closer views. Are you familiar with the movie Night Eyes 2 or 3? Andrew Steven’s character uses that type of controller during his surveillance. The Pan Tilt Zoom might seem a bit old-fashioned, but it gets the job done. The Pan Tilt is perfect for those of you who employ a full-time person to watch over your home.

c) There are Cameras With Special Accessories. Some of the CCTV cameras come equipped with nanny cams. They can be used in both inside and out. A camera like that is perfect for those who really want to go all-out for their surveillance. If you are a simple person with simple needs, all you need is the standard CCTV.

d) Wired versus the wireless. The wired cable is your fixed cable. The lengths can go anywhere from 25 to 500 feet. The more distance you create with your cables, the weaker the signal will get.

Some people opt to go the wireless route, so they can avoid all those extra cables. Wireless cables offer a greater advantage to customers. The only downside is that each monitor you use needs an outlet. You can also use the battery operated CCTV cameras. They will be more expensive.

e) The tape recorder versus the video recorder. The tape recorder option is more old-school. The tape recorder is what Andrew Stevens used in his movies. I have used the tape recorder version. The tape recorder version only records up to a few hours and then you need to switch the tape out. Going through hours of footage on the tapes is very time-consuming.

The DVR is the better option to use. The DVR option comes in two formats and you can record more. The first option is a DVR that stands alone. The second option allows you to hook it up to the computer you use.

Five Ways To Understand Your CCTV System Better

1) You need to look for a DVR that can perform remote viewing and hook up to a mobile device. You need to be able to switch on and off very quickly. You also need a system that will work well with a Symbian and WinCE networks. Your system also needs to have very sophisticated motion detection tracking. You will also need at least one USB flash drive to hold your data and imagery.

2) You need to precision when hooking up your system. If you are using wires, you will need pre-cut cables. The pre-cut cables need to be either 100 or 500 feet. You need to pick a place and leave the system there. You need to designate enough room to hook up the DVR to the camera. The area you select needs to be clean and free of debris.

3) If you are using more than one camera, you will need more than one outlet.

4) You need to follow the instructions when plugging in the Siamese cables to the monitor. The positive and negative ends need to match.

5) You might want to consider using high-speed internet. The high-speed will allow you to get more out of your camera functions. You can capture the images you want without being compromised. If you do choose high-speed internet, the connection has to work with your other systems. The last thing you want to face is burnout during a critical time of recording.

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